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The Faversham Website

The Faversham Website is the official online guide and reference to all things to do with Faversham and its rural area.

The website is a non commercial not-for-profit organisation, which runs the Faversham Website for the benefit of the Faversham area.

Funding is raised from charges for entries for commercial organisations and through sponsorship solely to cover the costs of running the site.

Internet pages are provided free to registered charities, clubs, societies and other non commercial organisations in the Faversham area.

The website was originally set up by Peter Faulkner and Malcolm Catmur-Neame in September 1998 and run as private website on behalf of the local community. The site name, contents, copyrights etc were donated to the Faversham Town Council in 2001, who subsequently set up an independent not-for-profit trust in May 2002 to run the website. 

In June 2007 the website became part of the Faversham Enterprise Partnership.

In October 2014 Faversham Business Partnership was launched. This replaced Faversham Enterprise Partnership and incorporated Faversham Traders, Faversham Rewards, events including the Faversham Car Show and

For more information, please see our Mission Statement.


Area of coverage

The area of coverage of the Faversham Website is the ME13 postcode area plus the villages and parishes of Conyer, Doddington, Lynsted, Newnham and Teynham.

Map of the area of coverage of the Faversham Website


The Faversham Website is run on behalf of the local community by the Faversham Business Partnership (FBP). The FBP Board determines the overall policy of the website, in keeping with the website’s mission and purpose, vision, objectives and values.

The day to day operation of the website is vested in the website Business Manager, the website Technical Manager and an Editorial Board.


All the electronic content and images contained in the Faversham Website is copyright, either to the Faversham Website, or one of its contributors.

Original content and images are copyright to the Faversham Website.
Content and images provided by the Faversham Society are copyright to them and/or Arthur Percival.

Content provided by other contributors are copyright to them and/or their organisations.
Please do not take any content or images from any part of the Faversham Website for reproduction or networked on another web site or other electronic media or for publication and distribution without permission and acknowledgment.
If you wish to use some material from the Faversham website, please contact the Technical Manager.


Entries on the Faversham Website

If you would like a free or paid entry on the the website, please go to Website Entries for more information.

Contact us

If you would like any further information about the Faversham Website, please Contact Us.