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Acknowledgement and Credits

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The Faversham Website is very appreciative for the many contributions that people have made to the website, without which the website would not have much of the content, both words and pictures, that it contains.

In particular, the Faversham Website would like to thank the late Arthur Percival, local historian, and the Faversham Society for the much of the text and pictures in the History section, and John Coulter for his contributions to both the history and business sections.

A big thank to Andy Hudson, of Hudson Berkley Reinhart Ltd, who has done all the design and technical work on the site and continues to help to maintain it.

Also thanks to:-  
Chilham Parish Council for use of their text and pictures from their Design Statement 
Alistair Clinton for his aerial photographs, particularly of creeks
Colin Relf for some pictures of Graveney
Steve Root for some of the pictures of Boughton for the picture of Davington Priory
Michael L. Taylor for the text about St Catherine’s Church, Faversham
David Wood for the text and picture of Lynsted Church
Pictures of the Graveney Boat courtesy of Dr Peter Marsden, Shipwreck Heritage Centre
Griselda Mussett for the infomation about ghosts in the Faversham.
Bill McKenzie for the picture of Wychling Church.
Don Goodsell for his history of Oare Church
Nathalie Banaigs for her pictures of Faversham
Robin Warren for his pictures of Faversham
Greg Cullen for his pictures of Faversham and Oare
Steve Male for his picture of Miss Teynham
Bill Henderson for his picture of Dunkirk Church
Peter Gander for his painting of the sailing barge Greta
John Salmon for his pictures of St Catherine’s, Faversham

All the electronic content and images contained in the Faversham Website is copyright, either to the Faversham Website, or one of the contributors given above.

  • Original content and images are copyright to the Faversham Website
  • Content and images provided by the Faversham Society are copyright to them.
  • Content provided by other contributors are copyright to them and/or their organisations

Please do not take, copy etc any content or images from any part of the Faversham Website for reproduction or networked on another web site or other electronic media or for publication and distribution without permission and acknowledgment.
If you wish to use some material from the Faversham Website, please contact