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The Faversham Website: Mission Statement

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This document sets out the mission and purpose, vision, objectives and values of the Faversham Website, together with general information about its management.

Mission and Purpose

To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Faversham area [see note 1] by the provision of an Internet site devoted to the supply of information about the Faversham area, its public and private facilities and its commercial enterprises.


Year after year, the Faversham Website is to be the first choice Internet site for all those wishing to find out about the Faversham area and the first choice website for all community and commercial organisations and businesses in the Faversham area wishing to promote themselves via the Internet.


The Faversham Website has three main objectives:

  1. To give information about the Faversham area. 
  2. To generate interest in the Faversham area by residents and visitors while helping local businesses to remain sustainable and profitable. 
  3. To work in partnership with other organisations in the Faversham area for the benefit of all those who live in, work in and visit the area.


  1. The Faversham Website is a non commercial, non political, not-for-profit organisation, which is managed by Faversham Town Council for the benefit of the Faversham area.
  2. Funding is raised from charges for entries for commercial organisations and through sponsorship solely to cover the costs of running the site.
  3. Internet pages are provided free to registered charities, clubs, societies and other non commercial organisations in the Faversham area.


  1. The Faversham Website is run on behalf of the local community by the Faversham Town Council (FTC). 
  2. FTC determines the overall policy of the website, in keeping with the website’s mission and purpose, vision, objectives and values.
  3. The day to day operation of the website is vested in the website Manager and the Editorial Board [see note 2]
  4. The Faversham Website is not responsible for any inaccuracies that may occur on any pages in the site.
  5. All events published are submitted free of charge. The website publishes these events on the understanding the organisers have given their permission. The website does not take responsibility for any of the information listed about the event.
  6. In publishing an event on the Faversham Website, the website is not showing its support or affiliation with an event or the organisation associated with the event, this includes churches, charities, political parties and religions.

Faversham Town Clerk  
November 2017

1. The Faversham area is defined as being Faversham and the geographical area comprising the parish council areas of Boughton-Under-Blean, Doddington, Dunkirk, Eastling, Faversham Town, Graveney with Goodnestone, Hernhill, Luddenham, Lynsted, Newnham, Norton & Buckland, Oare, Ospringe, Otterden, Selling, Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland, Stalisfield, Teynham and Throwley.

2. The Editorial Board's prime function is to exercise, on behalf of FEP, editorial control over the website. The Board will comprise the Town Clerk and other Councillors.

The Editorial Board will:

  • Keep a watching brief on the content of the website and monitoring its accuracy.
  • Keep a watching brief on the content of the website to ensure, through the website Technical Manager, that none is offensive, immoral or illegal.
  • Be available to the website Technical Manager for guidance, comment, reaction, etc, and to undertake voluntary editing of the site at his request and direction.