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Design & Style Guidelines

These Design & Style Guidelines should be followed by Content Authors when editing their page(s) in using the Faversham Website’s new Content Management System (CMS).

Page Title

The page title is automatically inserted by the system in the correct font, font size and colour, and is taken from the Page Title entry in the Page Editor.

Headings and Text

All text is automatically styled to the correct font, font size and colour by the system, which is why there are no toolbar buttons for these items in the editor.

All headings should be in Heading 2 in the drop down menu which starts with Normal.
Sub/minor headings should be in bold.

If you wish to add a heading, insert it and its text in a position in the page consistent with similar pages elsewhere in the site.

Page without Images

Amend text or enter new text under its appropriate heading. 
Page with Images

Images used are normally either 150px, 200px or 500px wide. To use an image it needs to be uploaded into the CMS Image Library.
Please contact  if you have a particular image you would like to use.

Using Buttons & Icons
The Image Library, in the Common folder, includes a set of buttons and icons for use with such entries as telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc. These should be used for all such entries.

Internal and External Links

If you would like to enter either an internal or external link, including a Quick or Related Link, to another web page or website, then please contact the The Town Clerk on 01795 503288