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2015 Will be a great year

I do believe every year we have to do something that is challenging, takes us out of our comfort zone and gives us the needed adrenalin high. I don’t think this means everyone should sign up to leaping out of airplanes on a free fall jump, personally I can’t think of anything less appealing. But I do think we should step outside of our normal safe comfortable environment and try something new.


Let’s be realistic and set some targets and ideals we can achieve and one that is possibly out of our comfort zone, that will give us the Eureka moment.

What could it be?

Learn to play an instrument, teach yourself to bake a cake, or a take a recipe that feels challenging and have a go. Making bread is always therapeutic and of course you can eat the result, hot with butter! Perhaps you would like to create a ‘Faversham Magna Carta’ cake recipe, and share it with us? Or you want to better understand social media and its benefits; we have a Trip Advisor presentation at Brogdale at 2pm on Thursday 22 January. If you are interested please email  

Maybe that is all too tame and you really want to learn to swim front crawl with your head fully immersed in the water, learn to ride a bike – as you never enjoyed the experience as a child, enter the Three Peak Challenge or indeed jump out of plane with a parachute on your back.

Go for it.

Someone once said to me that in order to be truly happy you should do a sport, have a hobby and an interest. Fortunately for me I enjoy a sport and have a hobby and interest or two and yes I am happy! But I am going to extend the happiness list and say you need to set yourself a challenge, treat yourself and be a volunteer, if not weekly on occasion - it feels good! 

What about this year?

How about becoming a Dementia friend, this disease needs to be supported by local communities and ‘No Place Like Home’ are hosting a Dementia event on February 3rd at 8.30am to tell you more about what you can do. Come along its free. All details are on under Events /Faversham Business Partnership. You can email for more details.

My challenge is the continuation of last years’ and a big one for me; attending University every week and completing my assignments and passing my DMS. This takes me well out of my comfort zone and will continue to do so right to the end.

I am thinking about having a different alternative treatment each month. Faversham has a plethora of therapists and I rather like the idea of being pampered regularly, all part of my inner well being of course and this will be my treat!

It was wonderful to see the headline in the Faversham Times on December 30th. ‘2015 will be great year for our Town’. Absolutely! We are looking forward to the year ahead, with all the planned events; Transport weekend, Magna Carta Anniversary, Hop Festival, Food Festivals and markets. What is really evident is the growing offer of exciting new businesses in Faversham, many listed in  in the business directory.

Lucy Guthrie


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