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Faversham Creek

Do you feel like you are not exactly sure what is happening, going to happen or being proposed? Or perhaps you're the opposite and feel it's all you've read about in the last few months?

Either way it's an excuse to share another gorgeous creek image with you!


A draft of the proposed plans has now been published by the steering group. Now is your opportunity to have your say on the proposals.

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There is also a page on with some details.

Understanding the process

The Neighbourhood Plan allows a community to have an influence on how it would like its area to develop

For two and a half years the local council, together with interested groups from the community and in consultation with landowners, has been devising a plan for the Creek, an area in obvious decline since the 1980s

In the next six weeks the people of the town are being consulted so that they can express their views on the draft plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has to meet the demands that the government has laid down in the National Planning Policy Framework

After the consultation process the plan may be amended

A second period of consultation will follow

The final draft will be submitted to an independent Examiner who will determine whether there has been sufficient consultation and whether it is a workable plan

If the plan is approved by the Examiner, there will be a referendum.  Depending on the Examiner’s decision, the voting area might be the whole town area or limited to electors in the Neighbourhood Plan area. 

If the Neighbourhood Plan succeeds, Swale Borough Council will have to take it into account in its planning decisions

The purpose of the consultation period is to allow as many residents of the town as possible to express their views

The council has included two options for Ordnance Wharf

Some of the schemes submitted by architects for landowners have been modified to incorporate wider considerations 

The plan also includes detailed proposals for improvement of the streetscape, facilitating better access and improving the appearance of the area

A separate committee has been working with Kent County Council and other agencies with the aim of again having an opening bridge to allow reinvigoration of the basin by creating greater opportunity for boating activity and improved mooring facilities thereby bringing the hope of enhancing tourism

The overall aim of the plan is to improve the appearance of the built environment, to ensure the maintenance of the
green spaces, and to ensure that the Heritage assets of the town and its maritime history are preserved.  As an adjunct to the plan, the waterway could be brought back into use resulting in a much improved experience of the town for both residents and visitors. 

Taken as a whole the plan should improve both the economy of the area and the leisure facilities it can provide 

The reason for asking for names and addresses of those responding to the consultation is so that as wide a body of residents as possible can provide evidence of their concerns and opinions and so that there is a record of how many people have been consulted 

Part 2 of the plan describes what information has been used to develop the plan, how the council has come to its conclusions and how it has taken into account feedback from earlier consultation processes   







Lucy Guthrie


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