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Favourite places

Living in our town house which sometimes shakes when lorries hurtle by and often hearing the squeals of delight, in the summer from the rapid pool at the outdoor Faversham pools, there is no mistaking it, we live right in the heart of Faversham and, we love it!

I can leave my front door and run down Abbey Street, one of the prettiest Faversham streets and within minutes, I can be on a muddy path overgrown with nettles enjoying the open spaces alongside the creek. Spot a variety of boats small and large, most sea-worthy some questionable and they appear to be a life-long DIY hobby of their keen owners - especially in the Iron Wharf boatyard ( as seen below).


I have many favourite spots in and around Faversham however I have realised most are connected with the water in some way. Whether it's taking a journey to see the sea, or simply running alongside the creek, enjoying a swim at Faversham outdoor pools or a drink looking out over water; water is the theme!


I was recently chatting with a friend about our favourite Faversham places and we both agreed Harty Ferry is definitely on our list. Others have seen the magic too and, filmed it. The Southcliffe series filmed in Faversham captured the mist rising over Harty Ferry in all it's eerie glory early one morning. Slow moving white mist rising and hovering over the end of the world, or what can feel like it sometimes. I have always liked the way the road continues down to meet the jetty which leads you to the waters edge.


Why not enjoy a Walk on the Wild side - on the doorstep of Faversham town, where the sea air will blow through your hair ( if you have some) and your senses will be awakened and the scenery is ever-changing.

Read more about Harty Ferry here.

Lucy Guthrie


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