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The FBP Launch


Come and meet the team and network

On Wednesday 1st October Faversham Business Partnership are inviting all local businesses and traders to their launch at the Alexander Centre from 8am. This is an opportunity to meet the FBP team and their business partners, find out more about meetings,, business support and membership packages.

Interested in attending, please notify

New way ahead

Faversham Business Partnership is the new generation of the FEP founded in 2004 by local councillors and business people to help boost the local economy. The FEP, managed by Laurence Young, led a series of projects and undertook research work which helped steer the local economy successfully through the recession. Faversham today has low unemployment and a vibrant town centre.

Building on Success

To build on their successes in the early part of 2014 discussions began, the best way forward to continue to support local Faversham businesses in the changing market place hence the formulation of FBP (Faversham Business Partnership) to incorporate the Faversham Traders,, Faversham Rewards with continued overall business support and grant applications for the benefit of Faversham and surrounding areas. The new Partnership will have a greater focus on working directly with local businesses.

Big thank you to all the traders and local businesses

The Traders support has been instrumental in the evolution, the belief that business to business advice and information sharing is vital for a town’s welfare and success. The growth of the Faversham Traders group since its embryonic beginnings in 2010 has meant that Faversham has benefitted from increased footfall, marketing, social media, a credible and valuable resource in local business personnel talking and meeting regularly, free training, shared knowledge, excellent on-line advertising and directory hosted by, generating a real sense and belief that Faversham is a good place to do business.

...and the team is

The Faversham Business Partnership team: Lucy Guthrie, Ima Rix, Samantha Nye and Heather Brown all worked for the successful FEP which supported Faversham Town Council, local businesses and local community organisations, developing initiatives and Laurence Young will continue to work for the FBP as a consultant volunteer.

FBP Directors

Christopher Bichard - Chairman - Planning and Strategic development
Fionuala Brenchley - Sayers - Town security and Safety Liaison - Swale and Police
Cindy Davis - Town Council Liaison
Charlotte May - Traders and Market Traders Liaison and schools/employment engagement
Kirsty Northwood - Projects Manager and Town Developments Liaison
Derrick Swain - Fund Raising, Business Planning projects

Join us

Local businesses will be invited to join the FBP from as little as £12.50 per month membership.

Contact us  - Business Manager -  Website Manager - Office and Finance Manager - Business Support Officer

Lucy Guthrie


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As someone who was involved with the setting up of the FEP, this launch of the Faversham Business Partnership incorporating the Faversham Traders seems to be an obvious and excellent next step in ensuring the future prosperity of Faversham. 
I wish every success to this initiative.
Comment by Peter Faulkner on 23 Oct 2014
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