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January Blues, or not?

It's January, arguably the most depressing month in the year.



Traditionally and historically we over-indulge during the festive break and then regret it and hate our tight ill-fitting clothes!

We look at the year ahead with high ideals, wishes and aspirations but now we actually need to implement our plan.

Later in January our credit card bill arrives, this can be an unexpected amount that escalated during the excitement of present purchasing.

I am hoping for lots of blue skies days in January, they definitely lift everyone's mood and hopefully they will motivate me to tidy the cupboards in the house and sort out my paperwork; de-cluttering my home is high on my agenda. Apparently its very cathartic, I'll let you know!

And yes I have gained the expansive waistline too. I can't entirely say it was Christmas, it took the whole of 2014 and Christmas was the final pig out opportunity.

I am going to partly blame the increase in yummy food stalls at Faversham markets for my expanding waist. Nothing to do with self-control or discipline, more about temptation after temptation.

I am currently following with great anticipation the updates on Facebook about The Yard café in Jacob's Yard, opening at the end of January. We wish Eleanor lots of luck and can't wait to savour the yummy food and see the completed interior.

Jenny Éclair - Comedian, is visiting Faversham on 31st January, so that will help cheer us up. Tickets available from the Alexander Centre.

As far as controlling the diet, I am opting for doing more exercise which is more realistic, rather than faddy diets. Holleen's fitness classes; Metafit and Boot Camp are going to be featuring heavily in the calendar. And possibly early bird swimming at Faversham Pools, if the costume still fits!

Perhaps January will be a good month after all, and why not, there seems to be plenty to enjoy and look forward too. And I still haven't visited the new Micro pub on Preston Street, thank goodness I didn't make a crazy new year resolution about no alcohol in January.

Happy New year to you, and have a happy January!


Lucy Guthrie


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