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Naked Cycling

Sitting in the office reading the article in the Faversham News about the Naked Bike ride this weekend through Canterbury, I feel I want to share a few interesting bits with you!

Firstly, what springs to my mind and body immediately is "Ouch!" . The next thought is "Why?".

Reading the article it states the ride is to raise awareness of how vulnerable cyclists can feel riding alongside motorists. I am sure they will naked!

I am a cyclist and I do also feel vulnerable at times but I wont be taking off my clothes to prove this point, as I am sure I would cause an accident.

The article continues, to ensure that the ride adheres to recommendations from officers, the organisers have stated the following:

Spectators are not welcome
Naked cyclists are to dress immediately they dismount their bikes
Cyclists are not to pose for photos
Naked male cyclists who may become aroused, are to pull over to the side of the road and cover yourself immediately

If you are interested in taking part, riders are asked to meet at Canterbury Castle at 2pm on Saturday 31 May.
Remember no spectators!
To drivers, if you spot 100 nude cyclists on roads around Canterbury, drive with due care but please don't stare in shock or fascination, I am sure any child passengers will do that for you!

Lucy Guthrie


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