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Ramblings about Faversham


Faversham was definitely buzzing after the article in Saturdays' Guardian "Let's Move to Faversham" offering further endorsement of why Faversham is a great place to live, and only a week previously the Three Mariners in Oare was listed in The Saturday Times list of Best country pubs with food.

I was out in London on Saturday night when email and Facebook alerts made me spring into action and share the Guardian article on-line. By Sunday morning 2100 people had also viewed the article via the VisitFaversham Facebook site. Is this the power of social media or perhaps Strictly and X weren’t all consuming that evening, so whilst sitting on the sofa, smart phones in hand “ the likes” were active! 

It does make us feel good seeing articles on-line or in print  from external sources that highlight why Faversham appeals to others, it further supports our feelings, views and advocates why we live here and enjoy Faversham.

If I’m honest it makes me feel a little smug. Having lived in Faversham for 15 years, I have always felt it was such a find and couldn’t quite understand why more people hadn’t noticed. Obviously those already living here had but the DFL’s always thought Whitstable had it all! Little did they know whilst they were queuing in traffic into their town centre, we were walking or simply jumping off trains minutes from the Faversham centre. I love the sea but the creek can be more dramatic with changing colours, mist and boats.

Rebecca Pike of the Faversham Times recently wrote a piece on-line about the Five Fantastic things about Faversham and whilst her list included five very valid things, comments were flying in about the fact it shouldn’t be just five there were more. Indeed I would be pushed to say there are only five fantastic things about Faversham.

I’ve started my list and to avoid further unrest with list-making my disclaimer is, they are in no particular order and the list may grow.....

1. Faversham outdoor pools
2. The lively markets, especially the Best of Faversham market
3. The creek
4. The independent shops
5. The independent cafes
6. The train service to London and Canterbury
7. Easy access to the countryside and the beach
8. The architecture in and around the town.
9. Numerous community clubs and groups for all ages
10. Royal cinema
11. The growing food offer
12. The community energy
13. Creek Creative
14. Magna Carta
15. The people
16. Local Events, always plentiful and varied.

As I sit here I am surrounded by pieces of information about up and coming events in Faversham. boasts 100's of free event entries and over 600,000 views to date!

On Thursday 6th November there is a meeting to discuss Christmas, (everyone is cordially invited but please email to help us gauge numbers) to hear about plans for Christmas this year, details on

For two consecutive years Faversham markets have hosted extremely successful Traditional Christmas Markets on two Sundays in December, showcasing all the beautiful hand-produced goods made by talented local crafts people. I for one just enjoy eating my way round the various stalls, sipping mulled wine catching up with friends and acquaintances whilst soaking up the atmosphere, simple.

I feel I should now share the scribbled reminders on my desk, in the name of social media and marketing;

Clean-up Faversham  is this Saturday, meet at 10.30am in the Market Place with your gloves and broom and a willingness to get involved.

Starting on Monday 3rd November Faversham Pools is experimenting with an earlier time slot of 6.30am for early bird swimming.

On November 8/9 M&G Antiques on The Mall is celebrating its first anniversary of being in Granville House on The Mall. An emporium of beautiful antiques from various dealers all under one roof and to celebrate their anniversary they are offering a 15% discount on everything during the weekend.

Saturday 22nd November, OXJAM is taking place at Creek Creative. Live music, bar and nibbles for £10 a ticket, all proceeds to Oxfam, more details on

Saturday 29th November is the big Christmas light Switch-on and the night market. Last year the night market was very popular and the comments and feed-back so positive that they are doing it again. I can’t wait, as last year I had sneaked over to Bruges, shame on me, and missed out here. I won’t be doing that again!

Also, on Saturday 29th November Khushi Feet are hosting a gala charity dinner with delicious puddings made by Chetna Makan who recently starred in Great British Bake Off, more details on

Sadly, Del'Artie our lovely Fairtrade shop is closing soon. A favourite shop full of treasures, clothes, mirrors, jewellery and much more. Adele has reduced the prices on all her stock and invites you to pop in before she closes her doors on the 9th November.

Lucy Guthrie


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