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The resistance of chocolate is futile

Certainly at this time of year, we do feel under pressure: to finish work projects or at least feel we have left them in a reasonable state, shop for presents, prepare the home and feel ready for the arrival of Christmas.

I always like to think each year I will be more prepared but actually I have slowly come to realise that not being as prepared as I would like is part of the fun. The last minute dash to the shops, the slight frenzy seems to make the whole Christmas event more exciting. How much can you pack in, just before it's too late. In all the hurry, with everyone else doing the same there is a heightened level of energy, a buzz of goodwill and the excitement that is Christmas.

But in all our Christmas fury it's always good to think of others too. A quiet moment to remember that christmas isn't fun for everyone and indeed can be a reminder that someone is missing, things aren't the same and family gatherings can bring pressures too.

My Christmas will be a mix of everything above with some studying and essay writing for good measure. I will definitely make time to relax, eat chocolate because the resistance of such delights is futile. Last night I wrote Christmas cards listening to my old CD "The Very Best of Hot Chocolate" and smiled wrily to myself, as it brought back such fond memories of good times and seemed rather apt as I ate my way through a whole bar of chocolate at the same time!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and very happy 2015.

PS. Need to post a parcel? I have discovered, you do it all on-line, print off the label then drop the parcel off at Simply Fresh on the Whitstable Road, easy and cheaper than the Royal Mail.



Lucy Guthrie


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