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The subject of love - a Triumph TR4

In 1968 a visit to the car dealership to buy a Sunbeam with a tight budget of £600 resulted in a purchase of the TR4 for £720, with the help of a small loan from Nan, marking the beginning of this love story.

The white convertible TR4 began its life with John, and his daughter remembers the car very fondly. With great days out bouncing along on the back seat on her favourite cushion, and recalling that John’s brother used to also love to drive the car, claiming to have once chased Hells Angels during a countryside drive!

Over time the car unfortunately became a little neglected and eventually was no longer roadworthy. When John separated from his wife the car had to be moved by recovery vehicle to his new residence. In the 1980’s the car was estimated to need a £20,000 injection to return it to its full glory, so with a heavy heart the car was sold for a £1.

And then....
In 2011 David Ferret at Sittingbourne sold the car to Peter for the grand total of £13,000. The car now re-sprayed a sporting red had been fully restored although the engine was still not perfect. Peter delighted with his new car had a new engine fitted.
And incidentally, a recent valuation of the car revealed it is now worth a staggering £30,000!

In 2013 Peter showed the car at the annual Faversham Car Show and pictures of it on display were put on-line and would later provide a clue to the cars whereabouts. In 2016 John’s daughter Joanne thought it would be interesting to see if the car still existed. These investigations led to Joanne making contact with the Faversham Business Partnership who organise the Faversham Transport weekend which incorporates the Faversham Car Show.

A database search, a few phone calls and some lovely conversations has left everyone feeling rather buoyant who has heard and been connected with this story.

Peter and John have been put in touch and are enjoying talking about ‘the car’ and it is hoped that they may meet up soon.  John’s eye sight now failing at 72 years old makes this meeting even more special, as he would like to try and see his old car again before his sight becomes worse. Or better still enjoy a ride in the old beautifully restored TR4.

We look forward to hearing more.

Lucy Guthrie


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