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The Top ten

The toppers

As I glanced at the list of the top ten  page views for the first few days of May an interesting list appeared.
Or is it?

After a glorious weekend of sunshine, the opening of the outdoor Faversham pools and a very successful Asparagus food festival supported with a bustling market, it was not entirely surprising to see Faversham Market and Faversham Pools top of the weekend list.

Faversham Kebab restaurant was in fourth spot. I can vouch for this restaurant, absolutely authentic Turkish cuisine. When the sun is shining you won’t find a better place to eat and transport your senses to a more exotic location (not that Faversham isn't  exotic!). In the top ten I also spotted a pub, two local popular attractions, fish and chips and M&J Supplies for all your DIY needs.

Good to see we still like to do some DIY on a Bank holiday. Obviously I would like to say this is after we have been to the market, swam, eaten and visited a local attraction.

The great British bank holiday weekend – with all its traditions

The top ten monthly pages tell quite a different story and reflect more about current affairs.

Following the sudden and tragic death of Peaches Geldolf, the Davington Priory and St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence pages are not surprisingly featured in the top ten.

On a happier note Events remain top of the list, the Faversham events offer continues to remain strong. The Faversham Transport weekend which takes place on the 17th and 18th May is fast looming and page views reflect the current interest.

On the 30th April the Royal Shakespeare Production of the Arden of Faversham started, our Synopsis of the play on has received over 270 views this month and I never even knew we had such a page on our site!

I am always encouraged to see we all still have an appetite for viewing the gallery of images and forum on despite the growth of Facebook.

What will be in next month’s top ten?

Hopefully the new Blog section.



Lucy Guthrie


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