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Walking With Hope

I have just read this up-date from Hope. Made me shed a tear I think it's always enlightening, sometimes wonderful and occasionally sad to read other peoples life experiences but always interesting. We are enjoying Hopes' blog and fabulous pictures during her walk.

Good luck with finding a bed tonight Hope! If you can help Hope please let her know.

Last week

Firstly, thank you Hope for popping into our office today. You have inspired us hence the blog!

On Sunday Hope Fitzgerald starts her three week walk in Swale and Medway. The idea has been inspired by her love of photography, walking locally meeting new faces and enjoying the countryside on the Faversham doorstep. A regular morning stroll has grown into a rather larger than anticipated commitment and dare we say challenge!

All photographs have been taken by Hope.

On Sunday Posillipo will host the launch of Hope's project from 10am to 12pm, all welcome. Hope will then start her three week walking challenge heading off towards Conyer at 12pm. Anyone who wishes to join Hope on her first walk to Conyer is very welcome. Be dressed appropriately in walking attire, flip flops will not cut it!

Three weeks walking, staying with strangers (they are just people we haven’t met yet!) and conversations with different people will be captured in pictures and text and shared.

How social media has changed the world we live in, wonderful to think of the great outdoors meeting technology and being shared via social media and enjoyed by all of us.

We wish Hope safe walking, happy days and from the comfort of our homes and offices, we will engage, enjoy and share the experiences, pictures and dialogue.

We will be following Hope's journey and updating the Blog accordingly.

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You may also enjoy Letters to Faversham, written by Hope

As we all enjoy walking here and feel Faversham and surrounding areas has lots of wonderful walks. This is a great opportunity to promote our eight local walks,


Lucy Guthrie


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Thanks Lucy! Great to see you this morning! :)
Comment by Hope on 18 Jun 2014
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