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General information about the Business Directory

The Business Directory aims to provide a comprehensive, easy to navigate and well publicised local business and services directory to benefit both the community and local businesses alike. It covers the Faversham area - see Area of Coverage.

An online directory listing can benefit all types of businesses:-

Businesses who already have a website
  • additional route through which customers can learn about a business
  • entry via the virtual door
  • a website is expensive to market. By attaching to Business Directory the marketing is done for you

Business which do not yet have a website

  • website costly to create and market
  • can test the benefits of online media via a full page listing
  • option to have a “mini website” through with their own web address i.e. www.
  • technical support provided by for those who may lack the knowledge, confidence or time to develop their own website

For businesses who are Internet skeptics

  • Businesses, which believe the Internet can not benefit them, can have a basic listing so they have an internet presence.


With effect from 1 April 2014, charges for entries in the Business Directory are:

Directory Listing
  • Business name, as a heading
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • one business category

     Charge: free

To add an entry, please go to the Business Directory and click on Add Directory Entry

Standard Entry

Directory Listing plus:-

  • Text up to 500 words
  • Up to 4 small images 150/200px wide, including logo, if required
  • Up to 5 business categories
  • Email link
  • Website link
  • Location Map
  • Self-editing of entry
  • Linked entry in What's New on the homepage when listing first published.

     Charge:  £80 a year plus a £20 initial set-up fee.

If you require the website team to create your text for your page and take images there will be an additional fee of £20.00  

Optional Extras

Additional links 
A link to a businesses own website is included in the standard charge. Links additional to this, up to a maximum of 5 can be provided. All such additional links must be appropriate to the business eg Trade Association website.

     Charge: £5.00pa

Enquiry form
This is an online form to email service, which enables visitors to a business entry to send an enquiry etc by email directly to their email address. It is purposed designed to meet a businesses requirements.

     Charge: £15.00pa

Additional text
The standard entry allows for 500 words of text. Text above this allowance is charged extra.

     Charge: £5.00pa

Additional 150/200px image
The standard entry allows for up to 4 images, including logos, of this size. Images above this allowance are charged extra.

     Charge: £5.00pa

Large image up to 500px wide
If a customer would like a larger image than the standard 150/200px wide, then they can pay extra to have an image up to the width of the page, normally 500px

     Charge: £5.00pa

Personal web address
Customers can have their your own personal web address in the form, where your name can be anything, provided it does not infringe copyrights and is not offensive, obscene etc or already in use. This web address can be published and visitors will go directly to the businesses page on the website.

     Charge: £15.00pa