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Town Marketing Group

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The Town Marketing Group (TMG) was set up by Faversham Town Council in September 2000 to help market and positively develop the town of Faversham.

The TMG works to identify means of promoting and marketing Faversham including the Market Town of Kings brand image.

It works to encourage commercial, civic and voluntary organisations active within or working on behalf of the town to adopt a cohesive approach to marketing and development.

The TMG also identify ideas, proposals or programmes of work through which it can promote Faversham both world wide and to its own inhabitants such that economic, commercial, cultural or social benefits are gained for the town.

It works with organisations such as the Faversham Enterprise Partnership (FEP), the Faversham Area Tourism Association (FATA), the Faversham Website and the Faversham Society, as well as local businesses.



The Town Marketing Group comprises Faversham town councillors with representatives of the FEP and FATA. The FEP undertakes project work for the TMG and for FATA. The group's current Chairman is Robin Duncan, Human Resources Manager of Shepherd Neame.

Further Information

If you would like further information about the work of the TMG please contact Laurence Young, FEP Manager Telephone Icon 01795 539339  Email Icon