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Seymour Stevens Ltd

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Seymour Stevens Ltd is traditional farming at its best, specialising in beef, pork and lamb, bred and reared at their farm at Luddenham.

Animals grazing in wide open spaces being fed on food sourced from the farm.

If you want traceability and low food miles look no further than Luddenham. All the animals are traditionally bred and reared on the clover rich marshes in Luddenham.

Seymour Stevens has a strong farming background and was established in 1898 by Ashley Stevens, and in 1996 Seymour Stevens started providing meat to the public direct from the farm. The on-farm butcher became so popular that it became a business in its own right, selling all the meat that is reared on the farm.

Jane Stevens, grand-daughter of Ashley, started running the farm in 2002.

On the farm you can see Romney sheep, Sussex and Aberdeen Angus cattle, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs crossed with a large white! The animals are taken to an abattoir in Aylesham then the meat is brought back to the farm for butchery.


Products we sell:
  • Fresh and frozen meat
  • A large range of homemade sausages including Luddenham sausage: a hearty meaty sausage, pork & leek, pork & apple, beef, lamb & mint and hot & spicy
  • All cuts of beef, lamb and pig (beef is hung for three weeks minimum)
  • Whole or half lamb and pig butchered to your specification
  • Home cured bacon and gammon
  • Free range eggs- you can see the hens walking around the yard!

“We have never entered our sausages into a competition, but are quietly confident they are some of the best around!”

Opening Hours

Seymour Stevens is open:
Thursday, 10am to 3pm
Friday and Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Sunday, 10am to 1pm

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