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Caffeol Micro Roasting House

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Freshly ground coffee - at its best. 

Over the years, along with my team at the successful Moonlight café we have noticed that we have unintentionally changed the coffee drinking habits of a few of our regular customers. The strong smell of our freshly ground coffee as you enter the café has encouraged many customers to taste and enjoy our home roasted coffee beans.


Coffee is an essential part of me and a stable ingredient in my kitchen at home. I drink coffee daily but it isn't just about habit, it's about taste and heritage. My ancestors first bought coffee out of Africa over 1000 years ago and developed a distinct culture around it. What I have learned from my English friends and customers is to mix the Eastern Mediterranean style of a thick flavour and marry it with a longer smoother taste best suited to most Northern European palates.


For the last few years I have been roasting my own beans as a hobby and then simply enjoying them at home. Occasionally I have sneaked a batch into the café which I have tailored to suit our customers taste. Over time my customers, friends and family have convinced me I should now let others enjoy the freshly roasted coffee beans. Having now trialled various blends on my now connoisseur customers, discerning family and friends I am confident that others will enjoy my coffee too.


My artisan coffee roasting approach, cultural heritage and willingness to explore the coffee bean varieties has allowed me to produce some delicious blends that I am extremely proud of. I believe in doing justice to the coffee bean, respecting the farmer and exporter, enjoying my time roasting and finally taking time to blend the beans to produce a smooth enjoyable coffee for everyone to enjoy.

The freshly ground coffee blends are now available to buy from the Moonlight Café.