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Moor's Juice

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Moor’s Juice – producers of the finest apple and pear juice.

The Moor family are immensely successful growers of organic apples and pears. Based in Teynham, we produce what we consider to be some of the finest apple, pear and apple blended juices on the market. From our premium Moor’s juice and Moor Organic Juice to the superb King’s Orchard range using our neighbour’s conventional fruit, we are truly passionate about the quality of our juices. Showing real dedication each fruit is hand-picked then pressed, bottled and labelled on site here at Nichol Farm.

Naturally our juices are highly regarded and can be found in a wide variety of outlets including; hotels, delicatessens, cafes, theatres, restaurants and visitor attractions throughout Kent and beyond. The juices can also be purchased via our website or directly from the farm by calling 01795 521341.

In addition to producing our own apple and pear juices, Moor Organics offers a full pressing, bottling and labelling service and has a state of the art cold storage facility.

During the pressing season (Sept –Dec), we welcome visitors to the farm to watch the process and walk around the orchards. For pressing dates please contact us via the website.

To watch us making the juice watch our YouTube video