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Faversham Area Tourism Association

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The Faversham Area Tourism Association (FATA) was established in April 2004 by tourism professionals.

Membership of FATA is open to any individuals, organisations or companies in the Faversham area who are interested in the objectives of the Association.

The Faversham Area Tourism Association (FATA) has been established in recognition that tourism is vital to the economy of the town and surrounding area, and that it is an under-developed local resource.

The area has a great deal of tourism potential – it boasts a rich diversity of excellent attractions, an equally varied range of accommodation as well as many superb food and drink outlets and plays host to a fine programme of special events.

The Association’s primary concern will be the promotion of tourism solely around Faversham and will focus on the distinctive products and high quality tourism offer that exists in and around the town.

The town’s charm, history and heritage combined with the delightful countryside that surrounds it, not to mention easy accessibility and proximity to London means that we are ideally placed to exploit the growing short-break market, particularly for cash-rich, time-poor workers from London and the M25 corridor.

FATA aims to embrace all those involved with local tourism, so as well as accommodation providers and attractions, there are membership categories for retail businesses, food and drink outlets and events as it is recognised that all of these contribute to (and benefit from) tourism in the area. Indeed, events are an excellent way of increasing business in the short term, attracting first-time visitors who will then return, and raising the profile of the area.

Objects and Benefits

The main objectives of the new association are to:
  • Promote tourism in Faversham and the surrounding areas
  • Increase visitor numbers and increase the length of visits
  • Generate increased income for the area

Membership and How to Join

The Faversham Area Tourism Association (FATA) is a membership organisation and a partnership between businesses involved in or with an interest in tourism and Faversham, Town Council.

For further information on the Association and the benefits of becoming a member;

Contact: Sally Wookey - Tourism Officer

Faversham Town Council Tel: 01795 594442