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In the world of business, relentless competition only permits survival of the fittest – those businesses that stand out from the crowd, by continuously evolving: adapting, fine-tuning and improving their gene pool from the inside

Optimum business performance comes from within

For the business owner, director or manager, areas of weakness or opportunity aren’t always obvious. Immersed in the day-to-day detail of running your organisation, instead of proactively managing and leading, you lose sight of your goals and, worse, your profits.

Every business, whether start-up or established, has opportunities to improve – to evolve.  Many, however, get used to a certain way of working, and feel they’ve optimised their resources and assets.  Challenging this, searching for new ways, can be daunting.

Alluxi highlights your potential for evolving your business performance and growing your profits.

Alluxi illuminates opportunities for improvement

A fresh pair of eyes, from the outside looking in – constructively challenging  – can be a source of inspiration or, sometimes, highlight commonsense solutions that you know you should initiate, but lack time or resources to.

Alluxi can provide an extremely effective catalyst, moving your company forward in a shorter time than you could probably achieve if trying to implement new initiatives internally while still managing the day-to-day.

As an internationally experienced Business Productivity Specialist, with expertise in delivering Performance Improvement Programmes worldwide, I have implemented tangible management tools, process and system designs and behavioural change improvement initiatives, with measurable results, which translate to realistic uplift in profits.

It doesn’t take for ever and it won’t break the bank

Alluxi works in partnership with you, in the detail of your organisation, to analyse what exists today, diagnose the weaknesses or quantify the opportunities, agree and design the best-practice solutions, train and coach the users, implement them together – and evaluate the outcomes.


Alluxi services

Business Performance Improvement Programmes

Working with you on your business to realise the potential and maximise your profits with your existing resources, through management systems and tailored training and management development.

Leadership and Management Development

The Alluxi Leadership and Management Development Programme, recognised by the Chartered Management Institute, is designed to get robust and commonsense management theory applied in practice.

Organisational Design and Development

With in-depth specialist knowledge of organisational design and behaviour, I can work with you to make the most of your opportunities through change-management initiatives, team motivation and skill enhancement.

Strategic Business Development

Defining and implementing medium- and long-term strategy plans, designed to grow the business once it’s operating at its optimum.

Interim Management

Bringing management expertise to your business to design and implement one-off projects, develop a specific area of concern, or open up new areas of your business.

Non-executive Director

Whether you’re a start-up business needing strategic direction, or an established company needing fresh ideas and new perspectives, Alluxi brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise at board level.

It offers independent and unbiased advice based on sound business principles, bringing alternative approaches to problem-solving, providing constructive and positive challenge.

An initial exploratory discussion can quickly uncover what you need to move your business forward.  Contact us today.



Linda Garcia, of Alluxi