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Credit Limits International

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Credit Limits International Ltd is an independent owner managed award-winning Debt Collection Agency.
Our pride is the quality of the services we deliver.
Our ultimate goal is the collection of the debt owed to you in a cost-effective way.

Why use our services:

  • You find that collecting debts is both problematic and time-consuming
  • You want to avoid potential bad debt by tackling late payment issues early
  • You want to focus your own resources on your core business
  • You are looking for additional collection tools

How to use our services:

  • Call us for free advice about a particular case
  • Email us or place a debt or a batch of debts for collection direct from our website
  • Buy debt collection letters online from our website
  • Speak to us if you have any questions about a debt you are trying to recover

As an Approved Growth Vouchers adviser, we can also advise you on how to maximise your cashflow (and get a government voucher of up to £2,000 to help finance our strategic business advice)

Kent based debt collection agency Credit Limits International Ltd will help you collect your outstanding accounts from your late paying customers whatever the reason. We will initially try to collect through negotiation but we will use the Courts to obtain a judgment if necessary and turn it into cash using all the available enforcement routes in a strategic manner. Whether your customers are companies or consumers, whether they are based in Kent, in the UK, or overseas, whether they owe you £50, £500, £5000, £50,000 or £500,000

Credit Limits International will be able to locate them, and will collect your debts. We will approach them directly if they are in the UK or through our worldwide network of collection agents if they are abroad. We use all means of communication available (letter, email, telephone, SMS, personal visits) in order to get your debtor's attention and get him to cooperate with our collection agents and make payment.

We use the late payment legislation to ensure all possible interest, compensation and costs are added to your debt.
Our award-winning debt collection service is offered on a ‘no collection no fee’ basis.

Our services also include:

  • Outstanding international tracing & assets investigation service
  • Unique international debt collection letter service available online from our website
  • Legal debt recovery service through the Courts.