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Following a number of reports concerning enforcement, the regulation of business premises and the growing need to support businesses, Kent Fire and Rescue Service have introduced a new Business Engagement (Fire Safety) Team.

The primary objectives of the Business Engagement (Fire Safety) Team are:

  • To offer greater support to the business economy of Kent
  • Promote greater business safety awareness
  • Further assist in the reduction of non-domestic fire.

The team will signpost and provide information, primarily to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to relevant documentation which will assist the business owner/responsible person in carrying out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment and meeting their fire safety responsibilities, their work does not extend to prescriptive solutions to specific premises.

They are delivering advice through a wide range of techniques,
skills and products such as:

  • One to one advice visits
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Networking events and groups
  • Seasonal campaigns

Head of Technical Fire Safety, Area Manager John Robertson said: “Many businesses underestimate the impact a fire can have until it actually happens to them. Even if employees or customers are lucky enough to escape unhurt, it’s a sad fact that often the business itself never recovers and will cease trading.

“Our aim is to make sure this doesn’t happen – preventing fire is much easier than picking up the pieces after a blaze. Our expert team will explain what owners can do to reduce fire risks and will provide free advice to suit your business needs.”

Business Resilience

Half of all businesses with no effective recovery plans fail within 12 months of experiencing a ‘disaster’.

Improving the resilience of a business won’t always reap financial rewards up front but when weighed against the potential cost of failure it is always prudent to invest in the future security of your company.

Count up the money lost in sales, damages, wasted time, fines incurred, reputational damage and danger to life as a result of a crisis and suddenly it doesn’t seem such a bad idea to put some time and effort into business resilience.

What is Resilience?

•      Ensuring business continuity
•      Able to adapt to change or challenges
•      Continuous evolution
•      Being pro-active not re-active
•      Staff who are committed to innovate and manage issues

The Benefits of Being a Resilient Business

•      Better services and products
•      More efficient processes
•      Customer base
•      Legal safety
•      Potential for lower insurance
•      Peace of mind
•      Potential competitive edge

Could your Business Survive?

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View the Business Event Team Calendar here.