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The Great Outdoor Gym Company

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The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) is on a mission to get us all more active by providing free and accessible British made outdoor gyms in parks and open spaces across the globe in an environmentally friendly way to the planet.

Physical activity is now considered an effective preventative medicine for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and many other illnesses. TGO’s gyms help communities become more active.

TGO’s gyms include cross trainers, spinning bikes, recumbent bikes, handbikes, chest presses, lat pull downs, leg presses, benches, plyometric boxes, dips and many more pieces to give users an all over body workout.

TGO’s gyms are manufactured 100% in the UK in Newcastle and Thetford. TGO’s HQ is in Faversham Kent.
TGO prides itself in being greener, safer and stronger than its competitors

TGO has over 600 sites installed so far. TGO distributes its products all over the world including sites near Bondi beach, Jumeirah beach, The Olympic park London and even on cruise ships!


TGO’s new range generates electricity from human power! Gym goes can now charge their phones from their own human power. On TGO’s glow and flow gyms, the gym can generate energy for lighting or local buildings
TGO also plants a tree for every piece of gym equipment it installs.


TGO has pioneered safety standards for outdoor gyms. TGO sponsored the BSI outdoor gym specification. TGO leads the way globally on standards.


TGO manufactures 100% in the UK. It’s equipment comes with up to a 25 year guarantee and it made to anti vandal specification.

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