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Viv Moore - Mindful Breath

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Viv Moore left school at 15, working in different jobs, from flowers to factory, from filing to foreign lands, hotel management, nursing and parenting. As a mature student she took a degree, MSc, and PhD to become a successfully published academic, winning a large research grant that brought her to Faversham. While maintaining her position at London University (Honorary Research Fellow), 10 years ago she turned towards another journey, teaching mindfulness.

Viv is a certified mindfulness teacher and has 30 years practise of Buddhist mediation.  She is enthusiastic about sharing mindfulness practice in her warm, friendly and relaxed teaching style. She has completed the rigorous five-year training program 'Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses' at Bangor University. As part of this training her teaching was also  rigorously assessed, and awarded the gold standard 'Certificate of Competence to Teach Mindfulness Based Courses'.
She follows the UK network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers “Good practice Guidance for Teaching” as well as the BPS Code of Ethics. She is a listed Metal Health Organisation practitioner as a fully qualified mindfulness teacher. A member of the Mindful Association and the Mindfulness Network CiC.

As an experienced mindfulness teacher, Viv runs MBSR/CT courses, graduate meetings, drop-ins and workshops around Faversham, Ashford, Canterbury and Maidstone. She is a founder member of the Kent Mindfulness Centre. Viv is Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and Chartered Psychologist. Her academic teaching is an accredited by the Higher Education Academy. While Viv's passion for teaching mindfulness continues, her enthusiasm to spread the work much further afield has lead to team up with Professor Amina Memon (Royal Holloway) to research the benefits of teaching mindfulness to primary clinicians for end of life care.

So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program was developed 40 years ago to help people manage chronic pain and intense health conditions. Significantly, MBSR has been demonstrated to reduce stress in healthy people too, and widely used around the world, with reductions of 70% confirmed in one study. Similarly, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), originally designed to help people with a vulnerability to clinical depression; is now a recommended treatment by N.I.C.E., with growing evidence for its value in reducing more general anxiety.

Both MBCT and MBSR are demonstrated as clinically effective in enhancing mental wellbeing, and in their original format are very similar, perhaps an 85% to 90% overlap. I teach an MBSR course closer to 87% overlap and relevant for anyone. The principal difference between the two courses relies on MBCT including more cognitive therapy components chiefly relevant for people vulnerable to depression, but still useful for anyone.

Mindfulness is increasingly proving valuable for people without specific problems, and is utilised in business, education, sport and even politics! The courses I teach provide extremely valuable tools for working with challenges of ordinary life stress, as well as chronic conditions. These practices have been demonstrated to physically change connection in the brain (see her website for research papers). The courses are non- religious, using meditation and exercises to awaken us to the richness of life, helping us find peace even in  difficult life experiences.