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Churches Together in Faversham

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Churches Together in Faversham helps and encourages the churches in Faversham to work more closely together in their work and witness.

All welcome.

Prayer request cards are available from churches or you can email

Local churches have formed themselves into an ecumenical group where local Christians engage in a wide variety of activities together – meeting for worship, discussion, prayer and practical service in the community.

Find out more about Churches Together by reading the Churches Together in England newsletter Pilgrim Post.

Contact Us

The secretary of Churches Together in Faversham is Mrs. Jan Negus and she will be happy to answer any enquiries. 
Jan Negus can be contacted as follows:
Telephone icon 01795 530 000 Email Icon

The members of Churches Together in Faversham are listed below.

Churches Together in Faversham

St Mary of Charity Faversham Rev Simon Rowland Telephone Icon 01795 532592
Church of Our Lady
of Mount Carmel
Fr. Wilfrid McGreal

Email Iconemail

Telephone Icon 01795 532449
St Catherine
Rev S Wilson

Telephone Icon 01795 536801
St Mary Magdalen & St Lawrence
Rev Tracey Bateson Telephone Icon 01795 533272
St Peter & St Paul
Rev Tracey Bateson Telephone Icon 01795 533272
Baptist Church
Rev G Cook

Email Iconemail

Telephone Icon 01795 538622
United Church Faversham Rev Debbie Hodgson

Email Iconemail

Telephone Icon 01795 532461
Faversham Community
Mike Taylor

Email Iconemail

Telephone Icon 01795 597538