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Faversham Elizabethans

Faversham Elizabethans
Welcome to the page of The Faversham Elizabethans, the association for former pupils of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Faversham, and of its predecessors, Faversham Grammar School, the William Gibbs School for Girls and the Henry Wreight School. The association runs social and sporting activities for former pupils and helps Queen Elizabeth’s through fundraising events and practical assistance.
Members throughout the UK, as well as in Canada, Australia and Germany, are kept in touch with each other and Queen Elizabeth’s through the association.

Faversham Elizabethans was formed at the time of the 1967 amalgamation of Faversham Grammar School and the Gibbs School to form the present Queen Elizabeth’s. The association combined the Grammar School old boys’ association, formed in 1927, and the Gibbs School old girls’ association, which began in the 1930s.
If you attended Queen Elizabeth’s or one of its predecessor schools, please join Faversham Elizabethans and help us to help the Queen Elizabeth’s of today.
Drop a line to Mrs Yvonne Wills, Honorary Secretary, at 17 Plantation Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8QY, saying which school you attended, and when.

In addition, the Elizabethans’ badminton section meets every Thursday evening, and it is hoped to form a golf section. 

AGM: Thursday 19 April 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Faversham Elizabethans is to be on Thursday 19 April at 7.30pm in Room A1 at  Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Abbey Place, Faversham.

50th anniversary exhibition

To mark the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, an exhibition will be held in May 2018 at the Faversham Society’s Fleur Gallery, in Preston Street, from Friday 18 May to Monday 28 May. The gallery is open Monday, 10am to 4pm; Tuesday, 1pm to 4pm; Wednesday, 10am to 4pm; Thursday, 1pm to 4pm; Friday, 10am to 4pm; Saturday, 10am to 4pm; and Sunday, 10am to 1pm.

This will come 50 years after the official opening of the School by Princess Alexandra in May 1968.

The anniversary has also been celebrated with a very well attended school reunion at QEGS in November 2017.

Keeping in touch

Former QE pupils can let everyone know where they are now and what they are up to these days by writing to our Secretary, and we'll post the entries on this page. Please send your contributions to:-


Mrs Yvonne Wills,
17 Plantation Road,
Kent ME13 8QY

Faversham Elizabethans Officers and Committee 


President: (Vacant)


Miss C. L. Fullager       John Blackford, M.A.
Miss K. D. Lambe, B.Sc.  
David Anderson, M.A.

Hon Secretary: Mrs Yvonne Wills, 17 Plantation Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8QY

Hon Treasurer: Peter Lee   

Committee: John Coulter, Roger Morris  and the Head Boy and the Head Girl of Queen Elizabeth's.


Presidents of Faversham Elizabethans 


1968-69   P. F. Surman
1969-70   Mrs G. E. Goldsmith
1970-71   L. G. Welland
1971-72   Miss Lillian Smith
1972-73   Cyril Baldwin
1973-74   Mrs Joan Paul
1974-75   Gordon Ely
1975-76   Miss Phyllis Hinks
1976-77   Leslie Friswell, B.E.M.
1977-78   Mrs Margaret Scales
1978-79   Bruce Telfer
1979-80   Miss Daphne Holttum
1980-81   Ian Whitehead
1981-82   Mrs Joyce Rayner
1982-83   Peter Lee
1983-84   Mrs Pat Paget
1984-85   Jack Barber
1985-86   Miss K. D. Lambe
1986-87   Roy Marsh
1987-88   Mrs Hilary Covington

1988-89   Alan Rayner
1989-90   Mrs Yvonne Wills
1990-91   Sir Raymond Rickett, C.B.E.
1991-92   Miss Lesley-Anne Rushton
1992-93   Bruce Martin
1993-94   Mrs Mary John
1994-95   John Coulter
1995-96   Mrs Molly Longley
1996-97   John Blackford
1997-98   The Rev Canon Leslie Buffee
1998-99   Mrs Beryl Freeman
1999-00   Peter Saddleton
2000-01   Mrs Win Martin
2001-02   Roger Morris
2002-04   Mrs Ann Saddleton
2004-05   Mrs J. S. Percy
2005-06   The Rev Canon Peter Gausden
2006-08   Mrs Margaret Gausden
2008        Simon Pask 
No further appointments made

For further Information contact
Mrs Yvonne Wills, Hon Secretary
Faversham Elizabethans
17 Plantation Road
Kent ME13 8QY
(Telephone 01795 538252 or email