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Faversham 2020

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Faversham Town Council is developing a Town Action Plan and wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be involved in shaping it and owning it. Consultation has been taking place across the town and surrounding areas since April, with market stalls, public meetings, presentations and so forth. Now the engagement phase has come to a close, the feedback is being read and sorted and refined into key topic areas. The final draft is going to be discussed at full council on 19th November.

The Town Action Plan is intended to guide the work of the council and help councillors to prioritise effort going forward, based very much on the views of the townsfolk.  It's an exciting project and it's hoped that it will have lasting impact on Faversham. 

Following consultation the Faversham Town Action Plan report is now available to read.

The Faversham Town Council response to the Town Action plan is now available to read.

NEWSFLASH - Latest news

Councillors considering the document -
The council is currently considering the recommendations in the document as part of their annual planning and budgeting for the forth-coming year.  The discussion of the document at full council is therefore likely to take place in the new year.  Please do can an eye on this page for further updates.

September Planning Meeting
- This was held on Wednesday 5th September at 7pm in The Guildhall - notes available to view here.

Feedback to date -
The latest version of the feedback spreadsheet can be accessed here (opens .xls spreadsheet- note there are two tabs)

July Action Planning Meeting - Read the notes of the meeting we held on Monday 16th July

June Action Planning Meeting -
Read the notes of the meeting we held on Wednesday 20th June and find out how you can get involved.

Input into Swale Core Strategy - Read our supplementary comment that we submitted to Swale Borough Council about their emerging Core Strategy

The map of Faversham and surrounding areas

Post it notes of comments

Latest Update Bulletins:

The Launch Event

We held the launch for Faversham 2020 on Saturday 28th April in the Alexander Centre in Faversham.  Despite the wet weather, over 250 people from in and around the town turned up to learn about the project and feed in their views.

On entering the centre, people had the chance to view a slideshow of photos taken around Faversham by residents (Kent Creative Arts, Faversham 365) before coming into the feedback room where a big map of Faversham was pinned up on the wall as well as topic based boards - Environment, Community, Economy and Transport/Access.  People told us what they thought was good about Faversham and what could be improved by writing down their views on post-it notes and sticking them up. 

Feedback from Faversham 2020 launch event, Sat 28th April, 2012
We've collated hundreds of views and you can take a look here to see what our residents had to say by clicking here.

About the Project

What are we doing?
We’re going to develop a Town Action Plan – Faversham 2020 – which will set out key priorities for the town’s future.

Why are we doing this?
Faversham is a special town. We want to make sure it stays that way while evolving to suit the needs of everyone it serves.

Whose plan is it?
The idea of creating this plan comes from the elected members of Faversham Town Council.  But it’s everyone’s plan.  We want to make sure everyone has a chance to have their say on what they think is important.

How can I get involved?
Following our successful launch event, we’re now undertaking a range of activities, including meeting with organisations around Faversham to find out what is important to people in and around the town.

We have an action planning team that meets monthly to explore how the feedback can be turned into meaningful actions.  Read the notes of the last meeting here.  Anyone is free to come along to help out - the next meeting will be on Monday 16th July, 6.30pm, The Guidhall.

If you would like to have your say or get involved in the Action Planning Team please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your ideas are, we want to hear them.

Regular updates
While a Faversham Town Action Plan will be published later this year, the project will be ongoing and will the can be easily update as needed. We’ll be updating this page regularly, but if you’d like to be kept informed of progress by email, please fill in your details in the enquiry form on this page.

The project is being funded by Faversham Town Council.  Action for Market Towns and the Faversham Enterprise Partnership have been commissioned to help get the work underway. However, the emerging Town Action Plan will be a community plan and not ‘owned’ by any one organisation.  We are simply here to help.

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