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Graveney Rural Environment Action Team - against Cleve Hill Solar Park

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We're campaigning against the solar power station proposed for Faversham's back garden (Graveney and Nagden Marshes). The developer has done a terrible job of raising awareness, even though they are supposed to, and we're trying to get the full story out there.

Did you know that it would be as big as the town of Faversham?

Why oppose a solar park?

We all agree that solar is a better source of energy than things like coal, oil, and gas. So you may wonder why we are opposed to this development? Surely it is good for the environment and should just happen? Here are our key objections:

  • It’s enormous – massive solar parks like this are normally located in desert regions
  • It’s in the wrong place – a decommissioned coal power station would be better
  • It will be harmful to wildlife including many protected species of birds, animals and plants
  • It will destroy a landscape loved and used by thousands of people

These developers stated aim is to produce the lowest cost energy in the UK – but at what cost? And, at this industrial scale, what will the environmental impact be?

Please visit our website to find out more and get involved.

Save Graveney Marshes!