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Transition Town Faversham

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Transition Town Faversham aims to encourage an awareness of how climate change and future energy scarcity may affect us locally, and prepare for changes in a graceful way.

We are part of the wider Transition Town Network throughout the UK  and the world. For more information, go to Just as we plan for our retirement years in advance by saving while we are still working, it makes sense to plan for a time when we don't have as much cheap energy driving our lifestyles, rather than waiting for power cuts and petrol shortages before we start to make the changes for a better future.

Transition Town Faversham covers the town itself and adjoining villages.  Within TTF, there are subgroups that concentrate on different aspects of transition - local food growing, energy generation and conservation, transport, and reviving craft skills. We encourage  interdependence and co-operation in the community by showing films, giving talks, growing things, learning, sharing and having fun.

People of all interests and ages are welcome to our monthly meetings. Venues vary and will be shown on our website and our Facebook group

Details of future meetings can be found on the website email