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Kent Dyspraxia Association

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Frances Beaumont
Organiser Frances Beaumont

Dyspraxia is a developmental condition also called Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD). It affects about 7 per cent of the population, or two in every class at school.  Its continuing effects in adulthood are only now being understood. People with this condition have average or above-average intelligence but are disadvantaged at school and work if they do not understand the sensory and movement problems involved.
Kent Dyspraxia Association is for parents, older children and adults who have a diagnosis of dyspraxia (or think they may have it).
The group will offer support, information, talks, activities and outings. 
It is linked to the Dyspraxia Foundation and DANDA. 
For more information contact
Frances Beaumont, Dip COT, Cert ED, Occupational Therapist,  on 01795 531998  or     
Barbara Neill-Bottle  on 07926 994820 email