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Faversham Activity for Health

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Exercises classes are held in Faversham twice a week.

They are led by fully trained and experienced instructor, catering for people with a variety of medical and health conditions or just need exercise, including:

• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Parkinson’s
• Obesity
• Stress and anxiety, and
• Those who have not exercised for some time

Active for Health     Active for Health

The exercises, which last an hour (plus a few minutes’ changing time), take place at the Baptist Church Hall, St. Mary's Road, Faversham on Monday at 10.45 am and Thursdays at 11.15 am, using specially purchased equipment. 
The classes, invaluable to the more mature, the less fit and/or less mobile and offer:

• Improved health
• Greater mobility
• Increased independence

New participants are very welcome. You can just pop in on Mondays or Thursday to see what we do. You may be recommended by your G.P. or Health Professional or by word of mouth. All applicants are individually assessed by one of the instructors and you can attend either class, or both.

To find out more:- contact Erica on 01795 522413 or 0781 2854339 or  email and we will call you back..  

 As from Jan 2014 classes will cost £4.00 a session. 

                                    Active for Health

Classes began in 2002. They are organised by Faversham Activity for Health, a registered charity,  recognised by the NHS Exercise Referral scheme.  We also put on social events such as a garden party and a Christmas get-together. So participating is not only good for you, but also fun!

Board of Trustees:                                                
Chis Begg, Nobby Gray, Gene Regan, Margaret Wainwright                                                                                                                                                  
Instructor: Erica Wilcox,

Faversham Activity for Health
Registered Charity No.1103887
Tel: 01795 522413  Email