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Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland

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The villages of Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland lie to the south of Faversham set in the heart of the Kent countryside on the edge of the Kent Downs.


  • Bell ringing
    Paul Evans - 01795 537647
  • Church of St James, Sheldwich
    Village Priest: Mike Johnson - 01795 536583 
    Parochial Church Council Secretary: Lesley Brooks - 01795 532366
    Church of St Leonard, Badlesmere and Church of St Laurence, Leaveland
    Village Priest: Arthur Skinner - 01233 740666
    Parochial Church Council Treasurer: Mrs Lyn Collins - 01227 830158
    Churchwardens: Miss Cheryl Fountain - 01795 531945 Mrs Lyn Collins - 01227 830158
    Services: Badlesmere - Evensong 6.30pm 4th Sunday - Evensong with Communion 6.30pm Leaveland - Family Communion 9.30am every Sunday, with Family Service 4th Sunday  Lees Court  
  • Parish Council
    Parish Clerk: Mrs P Prescott, Cottleston Pie, Murton Place, Seasalter Road Graveney, Faversham Kent ME13 9DX. 01795 590054      
  • Elected Members:
    Parish Clerk: Mrs Prescott - 01795 590054


Cllr Wm Harbour - 01227 751870     Chairman
Cllr John Nimmo - 01795 532518
Cllr Chris Iliffe - 01795 890893
Cllr David Snell - 01795 532644
Cllr Debbie Cook - 01227 731532
Cllr David Austin  - 01233 740252    Vice Chairman
Cllr Adrian Atkins - 01233 740061


Cllr Philip Scutt - 01795 539091 

Meetings are usually held on the 1st Tuesday monthly at 8pm, unless by prior notice, and take place in Sheldwich Parish Rooms between October and April. From May to September they take place in the Badlesmere Village Hall.                     
Minutes from Parish Council meetings

Sheldwich Primary School - 01795 532779

Directgov information

  • Travel Search - bus services, timetables etc serving Sheldwich
  • Village Hall - available for hire. Contact Helen White 01795 536990


Sheldwich is first recorded in the year 784 as ‘Scilduuic’. Given that Old English ‘Scild’ means a low hill, and ‘wic’ is a dwelling place or shelter, that is a good description of this dwelling place on a low hill.

By Domesday in 1086 it has no particular mention as it is still considered a chapelry of Faversham. Modern scholars however think Sheldwich might be the place peculiarly named as Cildresham.

For a full history of this ancient village see the publication Dwelling On A Low Hill by Michael Johnson, ISBN 1900214 474, available as Faversham Paper No. 94. It is available from the Faversham Society by mail order. The book contains almost 200 thumbnail photographs, which are also available as quality jpegs on CD.

Church of St James, Sheldwich 
St James Church, Sheldwich

Sheldwich Summer Show 2005
Sheldwich Summer Show 2005

St Laurence Church, Leaveland
St Laurence Church, Leaveland