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Throwley Airfield Centenary Commemoration

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Where: Throwley Road, between Bells Forstal and Throwley Forstal
When: 11.30am (for 30 minutes)
Contact: Adam Jastrzebski, Throwley parish councillor

A ceremony to unveil the First World War Throwley Airfield Centenary Commemoration Stand exactly 100 years after the Home Defence 112 Night Fighter Squadron was officially formed at Throwley.  

The permanent metal structure display with information about the airfield is being erected next to what used to be the airfield’s guardhouse (now private property), beside the Throwley Road, between Bells Forstal and Throwley Forstal.

Towards the end of the First World War, Germany had developed aeroplanes that were capable of reaching London.  Throwley Airfield was established to intercept the incoming raiders. Similar airfields were also created at Bekesbourne and Detling.

Throwley Airfield was decommissioned in 1919.  The 112 Squadron is commonly remembered for the distinctive shark mouth markings that it used in Second World War battles in North Africa, East Africa and the Mediterranean. Its motto was “Swift in Destruction”.

The Commemoration Stand is being erected by Throwley Parish Council with the help of a First World War grant from Swale  Council and it will be registered with Imperial War Museum as an official First World War monument.