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Nautical Festival

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Where: Faversham Creek, Town Wharf, Town Green and Front Brents Green, Faversham
When: 10am to 6pm
Contact: 01795 537030 (subject to change)

Festival featuring many traditional vessels moored in Faversham Creek, including Thames sailing barges, Dutch barges, tugs, smacks and gaffers. Vessels will be ‘dressed overall, making a colourful display, and some owners may invite you on board.

On Town Wharf, home of the Sea Cadets’ medieval building, TS Hazard, there will be stalls, exhibitions, a music stand, a barbecue and a beer tent. This will be the place to socialize, relax and enjoy listening to the many live musicians who will play shanties and other traditional music throughout both days.

Visitors can enjoy a walk along the unspoilt creek, winding through beautiful fields, saltings and interesting boatyards out to the Swale while observing wildlife on the creek. Alternatively, they can enjoy a walk around the historic town and a visit to its Fleur de Lis museum.