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A walk around the town?

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Matthew Steer    01 Dec 2008
Do you have any leaflets describing a walk around just the historic town? We aren't going to be able to join a guided walk, but would like to be able to explore with a bit of information to hand (or at least make sure we see the most interesting roads!).

If there is no leaflet, perhaps someone can suggest a route? Many thanks.
Arthur Percival    02 Dec 2008

Why not call in at the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, where you can pick up free illustrated plaque and gunpowder trails, both of which would help?

If you're flush and after much more detail, you can also buy the Faversham History Trails (3 interlaced trails), No 10 in the Faversham Society's series of "Faversham Papers"

Best wishes


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