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Excellent walking resources for the area

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Lucy Guthrie    04 Sep 2009

I stumbled upon your excellent website while searching for details about the Syndale Valley Walk.

I am a geography teacher in Surrey, but I grew up in Whitstable and went to school in Faversham.

I had a look at the new walk resources for schools on your website and I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed!

I am a member of the Surrey Heads of Geography forum and will be suggesting that they take a look at this initiative. It would be great for every area to have resources such as this available to them.

Please pass on my congratulations to the creators of the resources.

Brendan Conway

Dennis May    12 Oct 2009
I wanted to congratulate whoever was responsible for the production of the four Faversham Walks. They are models of their kind being both simple to follow and concise.
However, on returning to the Syndale Valley walk today I found that the paths described between C6 and C8 were no longer there.
The paths have been ploughed over and the fields sowed with what looks like winter wheat. To complete the walk I had to walk across these sown fields, relying on my previous knowledge of where the footpaths used to run. There is also a similar obliterated section on the short cut between Tong House and point B3.
This was not only a great disappointment, coming as it did at the end of a fairly long walk, but also extremely tiring.
It will be a great pity if these paths are not restored as it completely spoils what was previously a superb walk.
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