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Syndale Valley Walk - parking for a walking group

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Julian Childs    06 Mar 2017


I am planning to lead a group walk of the Syndale Valley soon (11 miles as described in the excellent step by step guide from and back to Newnham via Eastling, Stalisfield and Doddington) for West Kent Walkers.

I walked the route a few weeks ago and, starting in Newnham, could not see anywhere we might park a dozen or so cars. I wonder please if anyone can suggest where we might leave our vehicles and return later, hopefully to dine in a local hostelry?

Thanks and best,

Julian Childs    

Bob Giles    01 Feb 2018

Julian, I know this is a late reply but I have only just seen your post.

Have you considered a walking tour in the Brogdale / Ospringe Area around Faversham? You could use Brogdale Farm as you start or finish point where we have ample free parking, we have a courtyard with shops and a butchers etc should that be required but I own the restaurant on site where you could partake of refreshments or full  meals before or after your walks.

Contact the Courtyard Restaurant for further details and bookings on 01795 530013.

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