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Creekside cottage pictures

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bob connelly    09 Aug 2013
Has anyone pictures from the 1940s or 1950s, or earlier, showing the creekside cottages, that front the creek, the North Preston side of the creek.

I wish to copy the pictures for relatives who now live in Australia. The cottages that their family used to live in have now been demolished, thus the request.

The Fleur de Lis do not have any images of these cottages, so here's hoping.
April Wood Ashton    26 Nov 2013
You may or may not be aware that there was a restaurant in a small place called Edithburg in  South Australia, which was named Fevershams, apparently by people from Faversham who settled in South Australia about1900; there is a website.  

Possibly they may be able to help you, but I thought your Australian friends might be interested to know of this anyway!
Peter Stevens    13 Aug 2013
You may have been misinformed. Pictures of the houses on Crab Island in their derelict state, together with some details, can be found on and opposite page 25 of my booklet A Look at The Brents, About Faversham no. 85, which can be seen in the Fleur de Lis. If your relatives lived at The Brents they might like to read the booklet.

Peter Stevens
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