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Stop destruction of valuable habitat for wildlife

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Abigail Ralph    08 Feb 2015
Important mosaic habitat site in on Brickworks site and associated land parallel to Western Link road. It is to be destroyed by a housing development.
 In spring the bumblebees come out of the grassy areas. As you walk through they take flight at every step. Wild bees including Leaf Cutter and a rare honey bee feed from the mass of flowering plants, including Birdsfoot Trefoil, Teasel, Wild carrot, Vetches, Bramble, Wild strawberries, which are everywhere!.
Lizards, Slow worms, Insects galore, some like i have never seen.
Troops of Finches and tits of many kinds, Black caps, Yellow Hammer, Birds of prey hunt there such including Hen Harriers. Foxes, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Small Mammals, Bats and much more.
When does a brownfield site become a green wildlife haven? well it's already happened, but the councillors don't care.
 Application ref: 14/502729/OUT at: 
Email planning officer Tracy Day:
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