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Long lost friend

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Len James    17 Mar 2015

Hi,    I am looking for a long lost friend by the name of Charles D Chittenden.  We joined the RAF in 1960 and were stationed at RAF Hereford and later RAF Bovingdon.

We were both posted overseas and lost contact at this point. Over the years i have tried to find him without any success. The only things positive than i remember of his address was Faversham and that he lived down the Ashford Road and i seem to remember North Street or North Street Farm.

Should anyone be able to help me with my search you can contact me by email.  


Len James

derek smith    05 Aug 2017

Hi reference Charlie Chittenden. I went to school with him at Sheldwich and then onto Ethelbert road in Faversham. I last saw Charlie in New Zealand in about 1984. He was working as an estate agent in WHANGAREI, North Island. Hope this helps a bit.

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