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Walker Family in Oare 1916

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Philip Extance    09 May 2017

My grandfather, Charles Arthur Walker lived at
Nut Shell Cottage in Oare (which I believe is 1 Church Road) and was a
storekeeper at the Cotton Powder Works in June 1916 according to my mother’s
brother's birth certificate.  I am having
trouble tracing his ancestors and his birth and marriage certificates.  The mother of both my mother and my uncle is
Mabel Mary Walker (nee White).  Mabel was
resident in Bournemouth in the 1911 Census and I cannot clearly identify a matching
Charles Arthur Walker anywhere in the 1911 Census.  I am rather hoping that a local historian of
the Cotton Works might be able to shed some light.  Charles Arthur Walker was employed in the
glue works at Sheerness when my mother was born in 1920.  

I probably have all the possible Charles Arthur Walker index records identified but need a date of birth or place of birth to go any further.

Confirming the location of Nut Shell Cottage would also be helpful


Many thanks




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