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Fitness sessions at Brent Fields

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Chris Stein    11 Sep 2017


My family and I have recently moved to Faversham from London and I am looking to set up a regular time to meet like-minded people to engage in physical activity and motivate one another. The proposed day is Saturdays at 9am at Brent Fields at the outdoor gym just off Reedland Crescent, ME13 7HP. There is a playground next to the outdoor gym so children can play while parents can exercise.

What I am NOT proposing is that anyone leads fitness sessions but that it is like-minded people, of all ages, capabilities and backgrounds coming together and motivating one another. This would allow people to work at their own pace and to their own goals as opposed to trying to set a target.

I am not a personal trainer and am not suggesting I lead any sessions, but those that attend could:
- engage in circuit training (i.e. do one exercise for 45 seconds and then move to the next station)
- do what they want but share the experience with like-minded people
- share warm-up and cool-down sessions

I see sessions lasting not more than 30 minutes.

I hope to see people there on Saturday.


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