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Nicole Stanley    21 Jul 2008

I was wondering if someone here could help me. I need a copy of the 'long' version of my birth certificate (with parents' names etc) or a certified copy of the entry in the register (born in Canterbury, birth registered in Faversham in 1979).
Where would I find contact details for the registrar?

Arthur Percival    24 Oct 2008

That's very kind and helpful. I've added the address to my Bookmarks. I'm sure someone will ask the same question again, and regrettably I didn't know the answer.

Arthur Percival (for The Faversham Society)
Nicole Stanley    24 Oct 2008
Just in case anyone stumbles across this and also needs to order a certificate.

I found it wasn't possible to contact the registrar directly but you can order copies of birth certificates etc. online:

I'd advise you to leave yourself plenty of time though to avoid paying the extortionate "priority service" fee.

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