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Gravel Pit House Hospital

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mrs stella fisher    20 Jul 2009
I'm working on my family tree and there has been a reference to Gravel Pit House Hospital, Faversham.

I have found people that have referred to the same. Could any one tell me where it would have been?

Many thanks, Stella
Arthur Percival    21 Jul 2009

Gravel Pit House, or Gravel Pit House Hospital, was a 'polite' name for the Faversham Union Workhouse, which stood at the end of Lower Road, about a mile west of the town centre. It was so called because if overlooked a gravel pit.

It closed in the late 1980s, and was demolished in 1991 to make way for a small housing estate, where Lewis Close commemorates the dedicated work of Lionel Lewis and his wife, who between them administered the facility after it became a combination of old people's care home and geriatric hospital.

The records of the workhouse are now at the Centre for Kentish Studies in Maidstone. The Faversham Society has published two studies of it in its series of 'Faversham Papers', which you can read about elsewhere on this site. However these probably don't cover the period in which you're interested.

I hope this helps.

Arthur Percival - for The Faversham Society - see
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