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Castle Coote

Barrie Vinten    11 May 2010
When I was growing up in Faversham in the 1940s and 50s, I remember there was a location to the north of the town, near the mouth of the creek, called Castle Coote (I think that's the right spelling).

I can find no mention of it on the Faversham website or on maps of the area. Does anybody else remember Castle Coote and whence it got its name?
John Smitn    11 May 2010
Wow there's a name from the past, I remember Castle Coote (not sure of spelling either).

It was/is a sandy patch of beach near the head of the estuary, that as kids we would access by walking across Abbey Fields and then east along the sea wall towards Seasalter. Don't remember any access from Graveney side.