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Showbiz football team visit

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Barrie Vinten    22 Jan 2011
Can anybody remember what year it was that a showbiz football team, and many other celebrities, came to Faversham to take part in the traditional Whit Monday gala in the Rec?

The Six-Five Special TV programme was very popular at the time and the celebrities arrived in the Rec in a specially built model train.

Autograph tents were set up and enormous queues formed. The main celebrities signing autographs were Josephine Douglas, Pete Murray, Glen Mason, Ronnie Carroll, Bernard Bresslaw and Delia Wicks (a Tiller Girl and an ex-girlfriend of Cliff Richard).

I still have the autographs I collected at the time.
David King    05 Jun 2014

As we're on the subject of events staged in Faversham's fairly recent past, may I ask if there's anyone on the forum who like me, remembers the USAF coming to Faversham Rec, over a Whitsun holiday, in perhaps the late 50s or early 60s? The event consisted of a large pit being dug in the ground, with all sorts of meats being roasted there. I believe from memory, I might have tasted my first hotdog on the occasion. 

At the time the Americans were based in Manston Thanet, & it was all very well attended by Faversham folk. I recall also the US personnel who came to set it up, resplendent in their uniforms, smart & covered with gold coloured braiding, they made a lasting impression on my brother & I then, as I'm sure they did with many of those who were present at this popular event.

Sad then to hear now, not to say watch on local TV, the controversy surrounding the airport, regarding its recent closure, & all that appears to surround the decision, politically & commercially.

Maybe this recollection of happier  times in this respect, might stir a few local memories on the subject?
David King    26 Jan 2014

Like one or two others on this thread I have a memory of the event occurring, though I can't recall in which year? Nice to note that a name I remember from my Youth Club days has also appeared here too. Hope you're well, Rosemary?

Peter Stevens    17 Oct 2013
An even earlier 'Star' football match took place in December 1940 on behalf of the Faversham Spitfire Fund. The local Southern Railway team was G Coe, J Taylor, W Costin, Belsom (capt), G Reynolds, W Vidler, I Sharpe, Jessop, Williams, D Rains and B Smith.

The visiting team included Hooper(Spurs), Lester (Sheffield Wed) Babb(Kent County) Ware(Crewe Alex), Bachelor (Brentford), Conneley(Grimsby) and Jones(Sheffield Utd).

The game was played on the Grammar School Playing Ground on the Brogdale Road.

It was advertised in the Faversham News between advertisements for the Odeon Theatre and E & J George,The Confectionery Bazaar at 87a Preston Street.
Rose (nee Palmer)    01 Oct 2013
I am so pleased to have found this website. I lived in Faversham from 1949-1969 and my parents lived there until 2008. I used to work at International Stores & attended Youth Club regularly. I certainly remember the football match. I seem to remember Tommy Steele was there too!

Rosemary Tandy (nee Palmer)
Barrie Vinten    29 Jan 2011
Thanks for the reminder Peter.

I remember it being a very enjoyable day. There were several non-playing celebrities, including Dave King (comedian/singer/actor) wandering around and signing autographs.
Peter Stevens    26 Jan 2011
According to a Six-Five Special Announcement in the Handbook for the Faversham Exhibition held in April, 1958, the Faversham Gala Day on Whit Monday, 26 May, 1958, was to be opened by Jo Douglas & Pete Murray and the Show Biz Charity Football Team would be chosen from Pete Murray, Glen Mason, Ronnie Carol, Gary Miller, Pip Wedge, Ricky James, Stan Stennet, Franklyn Boyd, Wally Barnes, Jimmy Henney, Charles McDevitt, Cliff Michelmore, Kenneth Wolstenholme, Desmond O'Connor and Mike & Bernie Winters.

Jo Douglas, Pete Murray, Glen Mason (Jack Jackson's Show) and Ronnie Carol were to attend the Grand Gala Dance at The Institute in the evening.

I remember seeing Bernard Bresslaw in the carriage on the Market Place.
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