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Looking for Robb/Martin family

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Tony Jones    08 Feb 2011
The Robbs are distant branch of my family & I am looking for information on Patricia & Phyllis, who were probably born in Greenwich in 1946 & 1954.

Patricia married Allan Martin c 1971 &, according to online phone books, Allan Martin was living in Faversham until 1984.

Does anyone have more recent information on them please?


Arthur Percival    21 Oct 2012
If Allan Martin is who I think he was, he was general manager of Austin's and the Faversham News when both occupied the same premises at 23 Court Street.   What became of him I'm afraid I don't know. A nice man whom I can still picture.
Tony Jones    01 Apr 2011
The full name is C Allan Martin or Allan C Martin - seems to appear in both versions and the address was 11 Mount Field at least until 1984.
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