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Bob Todd

John Smitn    15 Feb 2011
I just read with some interest that comedy actor Bob Todd, famous for his time on the Benny Hill show and working with Spike Milligan, was born in Faversham on 15 December, 1921. 

Anyone have an idea where, and did he attend school here etc?
Peter Stevens    21 Feb 2011
I have always understood, or thought, that Bob Todd was a cousin of the Todd family who lived first at 9 Standard Square and later, when that was demolished, at Gordon Square.

His cousin Alf lived in Abbey Road in the 1950s and was a member of the crew of the Stourgate, the tanker that brought bulk supplies from the refinery to the storage depot on the creekside. Alf  had no children so there is nobody to ask.
John Coulter    20 Feb 2011
Bob Todd was born at the National Westminster Bank, 13 Market Place, Faversham, a building that is the work of the Victorian Faversham architect Benjamin Adkins.

Apparently, Bob's father was the manager or assistant manager of the bank, which was then part of the National Provincial Bank, and it seems that the manager lived "above the shop" in those days.

I don't think that Bob went to school in Faversham. I'd guess that bank managers got moved from branch to branch and that young Bob ended up being the classroom wit in a school somewhere else.
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